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inflatable Water Seesaw
inflatable Water Seesaw inflatable Water Seesaw inflatable Water Seesaw inflatable Water Seesaw inflatable Water Seesaw inflatable Water Seesaw
  • inflatable Water Seesaw

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  • inflatable Water Seesaw
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Detailed description

Water seesaw inflatable water toy slide water jump bed large mobile water park animation water world

1.Materials: 1000D PVC Tarpaulin

2.Weight: according to specific product

3.Material thickness: 0.9mm

4.Tolerable strength: Warp-2870.43N/50mm Weft-2279.06N/50mm

5.Tensile strength: Warp-527N Weft-323.8N
6.Compliance with international standards: 6p SGS

7.Tolerable temperature: 50 ℃ -60 ℃

8.Features: environmental protection, oxidation resistance, fire prevention, waterproof, recyclable, etc.

The virtual price: 700rmb/pc (Please consult specific price)


Fan: 220V-240V 50HZ, European standard, Australia plug 110-120V 60HZ US plug and other special voltage such as 220-240V 60HZ European standard plug. Packing PVC bag With the same material as the main material of the product, high strength, not easily damaged as a permanent storage bag, and good environmental performance will not cause unnecessary customs clearance, but also according to customer requirements, plus no fumigation wooden box, Or other customer requested packaging form. Design: different element diagrams can be added according to customer needs Case, shape can be changed more customer requirements, design drawings can be served from the customer design or our company on behalf of the design effect of the client to confirm the production.

Usage method:
1. inflatable equipment is flat on the ground, if the surface is smooth, can be directly on the stand; containing debris and other sharp objects on the ground, to pave the way protection layer on the ground (such as the color of the cloth, waterproof cloth, canvas and so on).
2. electrotechnics certified by technology shall be wired, installed and repaired according to the state regulations concerning safety and electricity.
3. check the total power of the fan and determine whether the cable is matched.
4. use the fan in the fan instructions. Check whether the fan is loose, turn the wind blade to check whether there is any odor, and then make sure the power test machine is reconnected.
5. starting multiple typhoons can start in turn, and the next typhoon will start the next one after 20-30 seconds.
6. the new equipment has less air leakage. In the first period, only a part of the mouth of the fan was ligation, and after the equipment was soft and hard, all the fan mouth was gradually fixed.
At the end of 7., the power supply should be shut down first, then the fan outlet of the equipment is unopened, then the fan is removed after the wind leaves are stopped, and then the equipment is refolded after 10 minutes.

Maintenance of inflatable air mold:

1, inflatable amusement products in use: need to take off the shoes and take off the body sharp things before going to play.

2, do not easily move the product, if the drag, long time, easy to wear.

3, away from fireworks.In the opening ceremony, fireworks, fireworks are inseparable things.We must stay away from the fireworks more than 6 meters to use.

4.If dirty, please clean with wet cloth, can use.

5. In case of strong wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, equipment should not be used to avoid accidents.

6. Fold, bundle and pack clean equipment if you don't use it for a long time. Storage temperature is generally in-50-40 degrees Celsius is appropriate. The equipment should pay attention to the prevention of rodent and insect bite.

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