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How much do you know about water extreme sports-seabreacher submarine?

How much do you know about water extreme sports? Speed boat, jet ski or jetpack? These crazy and exciting sports can show off their personality and attract the beauty of the crowd and scream, but they are already OUT! Do you know what the world's top rich people like to play? Of course, this is a shark submarine that is both high-end and maverick.

The Seabreacher is a personal submersible that can be used for jumping, diving, and looks like a real shark. It is equipped with a powerful 260 hp engine that allows the "boat" to have a top speed of 50 mph on the surface of the water. 25 miles per hour.

The smaller control surface of the X model makes it more agile and more responsive, jumping 90° out of the water. The X model is designed for pilots who want to get the most out of the Seabreacher vessel.




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