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Essential skills for driving a motorboat

      The jet ski is an emerging water sports project that is popular among the masses and is very enjoyable and stimulating. In the 1970s, she gradually emerged in California, USA. With its characteristics of easy manipulation, variety and adaptability to the water surface, she quickly became popular in Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia, along the Yangtze River, becoming the most popular water leisure in the world. One of the sports.

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       Jet skiing is a relatively popular project, but it has unique fun. Put on the orange life jacket, and even take off the socks, the trousers are high, sitting in front. Everything went well at the beginning, just increase the throttle and let it go. How can the wide water surface turn?
       Have you ever driven a motorcycle without brakes? This is the case with jet skis. Visitors wear life jackets, ride the motorcycle to start the ignition switch, refueling, you can speed up instantly, flying on the surface, the speed can reach more than 60 kilometers per hour.
Keep in mind that since there is no brake system, you can only slow down or turn off the fire while landing. What should I do if I fall into the water? Don't worry, the electronic ignition switch key is hung on the driver's wrist by a strong plastic cord. In case of falling water, the electronic switch cord will be off the motorcycle, the machine will automatically turn off, stop moving, and protect the personal safety. .
      When driving in a straight line, do not collect oil, turn the steering wheel in one direction, and the motorboat will turn in place. There is one point to pay special attention to when driving a motorcycle. The distance between the motorcycle and the shore should be kept at 150 meters or more. Because the speed of the motorboat is fast, the novice can master the distance and speed, and it is possible to directly rush to the shore and hit the shore to injure himself. The motorcycle is damaged.

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