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Inflatable boat also called rubber boat

Inflatable boat is an inflatable boat, mostly made of rubber, so it is also called rubber boat. It can be compressed without being inflated. Driven by motor or manpower. It can be used for recreational games and water rescue, and is also used by national marines.

There are many types and types of rubber boats. There are high-speed boats that are dedicated to speed. There are completely manual kayaks. There are drifting boats that experience the pleasure of torrents. They have simple and simple work, and there are fishing boats for offshore fishing. Widely used in water recreation, recreation, fishing, fishing and other water operations. The materials used in domestic production of inflatable boat cylinders are generally PVC materials.

Inflatable boats have been widely used in tourism, rafting, sports competitions, military exploration and exploration, fishing, hunting, and complete various water engineering operations, flood prevention and rescue, and marine lifesaving. The application of inflatable boats is expanding year by year. In some cases, its application is also mandatory, and international conventions for the safety of life at sea require that all vessels on board the sea must be equipped with ready-to-use inflatable lifeboats. The facts show that the performance of the inflatable boat is reliable.

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