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The difference of speedboat Yachts and A motorboat

The speedboat does not rely too much on the wind. Most of it is powered by diesel. The main control room is generally low. In order to reduce the wind resistance, the hull adopts a streamlined type with lower operating technology requirements and lower requirements for the crew. Entry level is cheaper and higher is more expensive.
Yachts are less dependent on wind and relatively slower. It has a large weight and is slow to drive, making it relatively easy to operate. The hull is large, the upper building is large and the interior is luxurious. The crew's driving ability is not high, but the ability to avoid is high. (The self-action is slow, it is not easy to avoid the excitement.) The overall price is higher.
Catamarans are generally slower and more stable.
Speedboats are generally short-distance places, fast and bumpy.
The yacht has speed and is relatively stable.

A motorboat is a sport that drives a motor boat powered by a gasoline engine, a diesel engine or a turbojet engine. It originated in the late 19th century. The key to maneuvering a motorboat is starting, accelerating, winding, overtaking and sprinting.

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