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Ten Steps to Complete a Yacht

1. Exquisite design. Fashion, handicrafts, and especially yachts such as luxury yachts are hallmarks of consumer identity and status, and therefore have high design requirements. Many yacht builders hire world-renowned yacht designers to design or purchase designs from world-renowned designers to raise awareness and enhance competitiveness. Italy has the world's leading yacht design experts dedicated to style and formal luxury.

2. Select materials, equipment and accessories. The yacht is consumed at sea and on the water. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, they also need safety. Therefore, there are special requirements for the materials of the hull, loading equipment and ship interior fittings. If the hull material has sufficient rigidity and strength, it is not easily deformed or damaged, and the equipment requires the use of yacht-specific equipment. Projects such as interior materials and hardware are much more advanced than those used in general ships. The wood is mainly made of teak wood, and the hardware uses a large number of stainless steel products, gold-plated products and silver products as well as various shockproof and sea-proof glass.

3, do beautiful decoration. The yacht not only requires a beautiful design, high-end internal components, but also indoor decoration. Many renovation work is carried out on site, mainly by hand decoration, which is difficult and long. The quality of the renovation workers of most yacht manufacturers abroad is quite high, most of them are 40 to 50 years old, many of which are hereditary. To explain the high demands of yacht decoration for Chinese yacht decorators, a foreign company took them to a five-star hotel and told them to use everything on board as a craft.

It is precisely because of the high quality materials, equipment and accessories used in the yacht, a lot of manual work, strong craftsmanship and great complexity, which makes it expensive and high value-added, high-margin products.

Building a yacht is not easy. It takes ten steps to complete a yacht.

1. Design drawings;

2, stake out, a cursory look at the graphics on the drawing, a certain proportion;

3. Material manufacturing, construction after forming the hull part according to the entity;

4, release the water, take out the product;

5. Construction, the additional part will be built on the hull;

6. The electromechanical device will be installed on the hull.

7. Start the water.

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