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qfgate jet ski Floating dock moored by motorboat

The motorboat dock refers to the floating dock specially designed for motorboat mooring. The motorboat dock is connected by the float of the modular module. The float is beautiful in color, and the size of the dock can be designed according to the size of the motorboat.

The motorboat docks are all made of plastic materials. The unique dry berth design allows motorboats or other boats to be directly docked. Avoid damage to the ship's outer casing caused by stains, rust, algae, corrosion, etc. caused by long-term stay in the water. Having a fleet of motorboat docks not only reduces damage to the vessel but also does not require any maintenance costs. Easy to install and disassemble, practical and beautiful, free combination, can park different types of vessels. The motorboat dock can be designed with different sizes of walkways to facilitate loading and unloading of vessels or cleaning and repairing vessels on the docks.

Guangzhou Qifeng will design the terminal according to the size and weight of different vessels and the number of vessels placed. The Qifeng Motorboat Terminal has a unique slide design that reduces the friction of the hull when the boat slides onto the dock. The slide can withstand the weight of a large truck, so the dock can carry different types of vessels. The motorboat dock has the same excellent quality as other products made up of pontoons. It has good impact resistance, UV resistance and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to the worst natural environment.

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