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A hovercraft is a high-speed sailing vessel

Monohull, multi-hull (catamaran, trimaran, etc.)

The common vessel is a monohull. The TWIN HULL has two elongated hulls that share a main deck and superstructure. The turbine nozzle engine is used to obtain a reaction force by propelling backwards, which is better than ordinary propellers. Pushing faster, and at high speeds, the double-bodied hull can reduce drag. Moreover, the hull has high stability and is not easy to overturn (but if the wind and waves are too large, after turning over 90 degrees, because there is no static stability of the single ship, it will have a topping force). Often used in ferries and military transportation.


This is a ship that can sail at high speed. There is a bracket at the bottom of the ship, fitted with a hydrofoil like an airplane wing. When the ship accelerates, the hydrofoil can generate buoyancy to lift the hull off the water surface, thereby reducing water resistance and increasing navigation speed. The steering mechanism does not use the common rudder, but the angle of attack of the two left and right hydrofoils is achieved.


A hovercraft is a high-speed sailing vessel that uses air to support the bottom cushion to reduce water resistance. Many hovercrafts can have speeds of more than fifty knots (about 92.59km/hr).

By material

Steel ship

Wooden boat

Alloy ship

Wire mesh concrete ship - use concrete to reduce the use of steel (such as "Gutian")
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) ship

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