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About High-end yacht design ,which is full of complexity and contradiction.A large Luxury yacht normally included with privite owner and Charter guest.It needs to provide a confortable room and feeling. From an external point of view, it needs to maintain a cautious balance between the prestige of the host and the moderate, low-impact, and even "invisible", in the natural sea view. qfgate

Things get more complicated when you think about the highest levels of the market. After all, when the design team envisions the ownerundefineds idea in pursuit of world number one and one-off, the ability to subvert, avoid, or reshape trends is obvious. This is followed by a final speculative assessment of trends that may provide information and guidance for high-end yachts in the future.

毫无疑问,超级游艇业将继续扩张。特别是,长度在40到70米之间的半定制平台将会有相当大的增长,使像Princess这样的制造商能够利用提高的生产效率,从成本的角度来制造更具吸引力的高级游艇。也就是说,个性化的价值将继续在千禧一代船购买者的心中增加 - 而世界游艇行业的高端将继续在规模上突破界限。已有大量110米以上的休闲艇,人们普遍认为,在未来十年左右,世界上最负盛名的游艇制造商将参与创造超过200米的船舶。

1. ‘Super’ will become ‘Mega’ (or even ‘Giga’)

There is no doubt that the super-tourism industry will continue to expand. In particular, a semi-custom platform with a length between 40 and 70 meters will have considerable growth, making it possible for a manufacturer such as Princess to make use of increased production efficiency and to make a more attractive high-level yacht from a cost perspective. That is, the value of personalization will continue to grow in the minds of the thousands of boat buyers-and the high-end of the World yacht industry will continue to break the boundaries. The most prestigious yacht manufacturer in the world will be involved in the creation of more than 200 meters of ships in the next decade or so, with a large amount of more than 110 meters of recreational boats.

宪章业已经显示出越来越多的需求,要走出人迹罕至的地方,探索世界上更偏远的目的地。这是以更积极的方式看待世界的一般动力的一部分,因此大型游艇将越来越多地迎合这一点。我们将看到宽敞的开放式船尾区域,大型海滩俱乐部,便于进入水域和高额容量,以容纳玩具和招标所需的时间远离母船。随着游艇规模的不断扩大,潜艇,大型标书,直升机和小型水上飞机的使用将让业主接受目的地的每一个元素。膨胀的船尾游泳平台还将配备大型船尾休息区,以帮助打开船尾的公共焦点,以及游艇和水之间的连接点。为了加强这种联系,人们将更加关注玻璃 - 不仅仅是为了增加全方位的可视性,而且在观看面板方面,使您能够观看海底世界并感受与周围环境更紧密的联系。

2.A positive lifestyle will bring the sea "closer" 
The charter industry, which has shown more and more demand to get out of the inaccessible places and explore more remote destinations in the world. This is part of the general motivation to look at the world in a more positive way, so large yachts will increasingly cater to this. We will see spacious open stern areas, large beach clubs, easy access to water and high capacity to accommodate toys and tender time away from the mother ship. With the increasing size of yachts, the use of submarines, large bids, helicopters and small seaplanes will allow owners to accept every element of the destination. The inflated stern swimming platform will also be equipped with a large stern rest area to help open the public focus of the stern and the connection point between the yacht and the water. To strengthen this connection, people will pay more attention to glass-not only to increase overall visibility, but also to enable you to view the undersea world and feel closer to your surroundings in terms of viewing panels.

玻璃是内部空间与外部环境相连的关键手段 - 随着技术的进步和等级认可的成本下降,游艇将享受更大的开放性,让人们在不离开舒适的情况下感受到风景的一部分他们的游艇。但是,随着玻璃被开发为建筑材料而不仅仅是作为一种承认光线的手段,设计师必须变得非常聪明地应用它所带来的潜力。过多的玻璃会让你进入一个非个人化的空间,当灯光变暗时,可能会看到实际或机械必需品,而不是冷却的镜面。设计师将不得不考虑需要广阔视野的地方以及传统游艇建筑的舒适亲密度更有效的地方。

3. Glass will be used as a building material to develop 
The glass as a key means of connecting internal space to the external environment-with the progress of technology and the decline in the cost of grade recognition, yachts will enjoy greater openness, allowing people to feel part of the scenery without leaving comfort. But as glass is developed as a building material and not just as a means of recognizing light, designers must become very smart in applying its potential. Too much glass will allow you to enter an impersonal space, and when the lights dim, you may see actual or mechanical necessities instead of cooling mirrors. Designers will have to consider places that need a wide range of horizons and where traditional yacht buildings are more comfortable and intimate.


4. Yachts will use a variety of functions our growing interest will make our demand for yachts far more than ever. Therefore, we will see more flexibility in the design. We will see more decorative ways to expand the living area at sea. We will see open deck space that can be kept open, exposed to the sun or completely closed, thus achieving the luxury of climate-controlled housing. While yachts may become more flexible in their internal layout, we may also see the continued development of movable tracking specific pods that can take off and fall on board and on board, depending on where it is in the world and what the owner thinks is an application. We have seen smaller versions of the method, replaceable furniture, seat boxes and deck cabins on open Japanese ships. More advanced versions can make larger yachts perform well in sharp contrast to the Arctic and Indian Ocean.


5. Sustainability will move forward, our love for getting out of the way and our constant commitment to the environment will make yachts more and more self-sustaining. While building materials and technologies will help, hybrid propulsion will also take an important step forward as battery technology strives to narrow the energy density gap compared with traditional fuels. In order to make full use of the electric propulsion system, we will design more yachts, and more attention may also be focused on multiple hull. Although they tend to increase the cost and complexity of manufacturing and berthing, they have more space, softer driving, higher low-speed stability, easier to operate, and more efficient operating power to put them (in principle) at the heart of modernization.

已经可以通过3D打印创建大量的游艇组件,但是在未来,可以合理地设想通过这种方式生成整个游艇。它不仅可以实现极快的速度,准确性和简单的构造,而且还有助于降低劳动力和多部件构造的成本和复杂性,同时考虑到更加容易定制 - 让设计师和个人客户自由地创建一个 - 根据他们的要求关闭或小批量生产,在时间和价格方面没有过高的惩罚。

6. Printing yacht will become a reality 
 A large number of yacht components can be created by 3D printing, but in the future, it is reasonable to imagine that the whole yacht can be generated in this way. It can not only achieve extremely fast, accurate and simple construction, but also help reduce the cost and complexity of labor and multi-component construction, taking into account the easier customization-giving designers and individual customers the freedom to create one-shut down or small mass production according to their requirements, without excessive penalties in terms of time and price.
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