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The basic principle of the qfgate 1100CC motor boat

The qfgate 1100CC three-person passenger motorboat uses the engine to drive the jet drive to rotate, inhaling the surrounding natural water flow. 

The impeller is a rotor-like device that is mounted in a cylindrical passage in the hull. The engine drives the impeller to rotate through the drive shaft. 

The curved blade of the impeller rotates at a rapid speed, which drives the water to flow through the cylindrical passage to generate a pressurization and a swirling guide tube to eject.

According to Newton's third law; each force is equal in magnitude. The opposite reaction. Therefore, the above method can make the boat move forward. 

For a jet ski, the force is the flow of water ejected from the guide tube, and the reaction force is the driving force of the ship in the opposite direction. 

The working principle of the marine engine explains in detail the Newton's third law of motion. When maneuvering a jet ski. 

There is a cable connected to the handle, which can be used to control the rotation of the rear of the motorboat to the steering tube. 

In this way, the direction of the reaction force "equal to the size, opposite direction" with the water jet force can be changed. 

If the steering flow tube directs the water flow to the right side of the hull. The rear of the side boat is offset to the left. 

This causes the front of the hull to shift to the right. The above is the basic working principle of jet skis.

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