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Should buy a boat new or used

A lot of people think about Should they buy a boat new or used?

I think, that after all the new boat is better than used. Well though it is necessary to look at its state.

If the boat was used several years, then 100 percent the new boat is better. Because you will spend a lot of time for repair, replacement of spare parts, etc.

But if used boat was in the use 1 or 2 months, then it is excellent purchase, the price of it will be much less than on new, and on the properties it will concede not much more to new boat (well it still depends on that how it was used).

However, if you have plenty of money, and don’t know a lot about boats a new one might be a better buy.

The plus factors for a used boat are:

The price is usually a lot lower

It often comes with a lot of extra equipment

Any manufacturing or design defects will have already been found and fixed (or found and not fixed, but at least known)

The minus factors for a used boat are:

It is not the latest design

Parts of it may be worn or corroded

Spare parts may be hard to find

It may have defects which are not obvious: you can pay for a survey to find out if it has any, but this is an extra cost
Most modern boats are mainly made of fiberglass, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel. These are all materials with a long working life even in marine conditions. Some boats use wood for parts such as seats, and this increases maintenance, even for a new boat.

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