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Jet ski lubrication

1.2 Lubrication

Make sure not to spray flammable rust inhibitor products on engine surfaces while the
engine is hot. The sprayed substance or propellants may catch fire.
1) Remove the rear and front seats.
2) Remove the air filter case cover screws①, slide the locks② open, and then remove the
case cover.
3) Remove the air filter case cover and air filter element.
4) Spray a rust inhibitor such as specific engine fogging oil into each intake opening ③
for 3 seconds.
5) Install the air filter element and air filter case cover.
6) Start the engine in a well-ventilated area and let it run at idle for 15 seconds.
7) Lubricate all cables such as the throttle and steering cables. Use a proper lubricant to
pressure lubricates the cables and purge out any moisture between the inner and outer
8) Lubricate the areas of the watercraft specified.
1.3 Battery
1) If the watercraft will not be used for more than a month, disconnect the negative (-) lead
first, then the positive (+) lead and breather hose, and then remove the battery from the
2) Clean the battery casing with fresh water.
3) If the battery terminals are dirty or corroded, clean them with a wire brush.
4) Fully charge the battery, and then store it in a dark, cool place.
5) Apply marine grease to the battery terminals.
6) Then check the battery at least every 2 months and fully charge it if necessary.
It is advised to detect the battery with the tester of battery conductance regularly, judge the
battery by the result of the detection, and take measures to maintain the battery by charging
or replacing the battery through the suggest.
All the wires connected with the battery should be disconnected before detecting
the battery with the appropriate instrument.
If you store the battery for a long period without charging it, it may not be usable
again. Charge the battery periodically.
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