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1 Storage

Remember always place the watercraft upright in a horizontal position when storing
or fuel could leak out into the engine or engine compartment, which may result in a
Prolonged periods storage, for example, winter storage, requires preventative maintain to
ensure against from deterioration. Drain water out of cooling pipe and exhaust pipe, drain
gasoline out of fuel tank and supplement electrolyte to a specified level. Charge the battery
cell fully and cut off the battery cell connection line, lubricate the connecting part and seal it.

1.1 Flushing the Cooling System
Flushing the cooling system is the essential process to keep the cooling system
a) Do not run the engine over 4000rpm on land.
b) When the engine is not running, do not supply water to the cooling water
passages. Because the water could flow back through the muffler into the crank
case causing severe engine damage.
c) When there is no water supplying, do not run the engine of the watercraft for
more than 15 seconds, or the engine may overheat.
1) Put the watercraft on land in a horizontal position.
2) Remove the rear seat and seat storage compartment.
3) Open the flushing hose connector cap ① ② , and then insert the garden hose adapter
into the flushing hose connector and turn ③ it until it is securely connected.
4) Connect the garden hose adapter to a water tap using a hose.
The garden hose is not included and must be purchased separately.
5) Start the engine, and then immediately turn the water supply on until water flows out
continually from the jet nozzle.
6) Run the engine at idling speed for about 3 minutes watching the engine condition. If
the engine stops while flushing, turn the water supply off immediately and repeat the
above steps.
7) Turn the water supply off, and then force the remaining water out from the cooling
passages by alternately squeezing and releasing the throttle lever for 10 to 15
8) Stop the engine.
9) Remove the garden hose adapter and secure the cap.
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