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Enjoy the real yacht life at your helm

Enjoy the real yacht life at your helm

Lead: Yachts represent a peaceful, natural, and casual lifestyle. In the 1880s, the rapid development of industry and commerce brought great wealth to the United States. At the same time, it also created Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, etc. They began to wear luxurious mink coats and golden jewelry. Even walls, floors, ceilings, and tables should be gold-plated to showcase their strengths in a luxurious luxury.

In the 1980s, the myth of getting rich quickly swayed the world. If people in this era consume luxury goods for their own sake, they will inevitably be laughed at as "stupid landlords." The cultivation of elegant taste, the precise identification of the advantages and disadvantages of luxury goods, and so on, often turn the rich life of the rich into a difficult learning process - learning how to live a decent and elegant life.

An article in the German "Der Spiegel" magazine said: "Under the influence of the frantic growth of consumption, the tight, rare, expensive and favored are no longer the things that can be seen everywhere on the streets, such as high-end cars, watches, perfumes, but quiet. The basic conditions of life such as time, pure water and enough space.” You can sail to the sea, you naturally have enough free time. As for the good mood and the close to the natural environment, you can feel it on the yacht. And the vast space, the whole sea is yours, enough? Yachts represent not only a kind of tranquility, but also a way of returning to nature.

Those who have entered the ocean by yacht, in nine out of ten will repeat the words "the sea is really blue" in a slang-style tone. With such a simple sentence, you can hear the comfort and satisfaction of the yacht.

At the helm, let the yacht ride in the blue of the sea and the sky, or float freely. The fresh and humid sea breeze is like a liquid soaking body. You can enjoy unfettered freedom, full tranquility and complete sunrise and sunset. Drink coffee, taste red wine, bring a sweet love to the world of two people; or bring your family to spend a warm holiday time; or invite friends to talk about business, of course; you can also sit alone at the stern and think about things While fishing, lying on the deck and watching the long-lost stars, you will be able to swim into the sea.

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