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Getting started with yachts

How to choose the most suitable yacht engine

The engine is the core component of the yacht, like the "heart" of the yacht. Equipped with a suitable engine to ensure safe driving
Under the premise, maximize the performance of the yacht. Let’s introduce our GUANGZHOU QIFENG TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd on the yacht.

Engine experience.

From the perspective of our professional yacht company, what kind of engine to choose for the yacht generally depends on the following aspects:
1, performance, including power, acceleration and fuel consumption.
2, the price.
3, after-sales service

Here is a look at the experience of Guangzhou Qifeng Technology Co., Ltd. in the yacht engine.Like the engine used in a car, the engine used in the yacht is divided into two parts: the diesel engine and the gasoline engine. The gasoline engine is smaller than the diesel engine, light in weight, low in noise and easy to check. Relatively easy to start, speed up the response quickly. But the horsepower is small. Usually used on small and light weight yachts. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have the advantage of being cheaper, less faulty and more powerful. The use on ships is more widespread. At the same time, the service life of the diesel engine is relatively long. However, diesel has a high ignition point, slow start-up and slower reaction. Diesel engines are generally suitable for use on yachts with long hulls and heavy loads.

According to the way of installation, the yacht engine can be divided into

1, inboard (engine mounted on the inside of the hull, mainly large yachts);
2, inboard and outboard (the yacht engine is installed inside the hull, the pusher is installed on the outside of the hull. For medium and small boats.);
3, outboard machine (fixed to the outside of the hull. Small volume, high power, high speed and used in small yachts, sporty yachts.);
4, the injection engine (sucking water into the engine. Speeding up the injection to the rear to obtain power, no need for the rudder, as long as the target of the injection target is changed, the target of the vessel's travel target can be changed.)

From the long-term experience of Guangzhou Qifeng Technology Co., Ltd., yacht safety is the core of our work, the most important. YachtThe correct choice of the engine is an important part of the safety of the yacht, and there must be no negligence. For yacht customers, choose a professionAt the same time, a dedicated yacht dealer buys a yacht, and when choosing a private yacht, choosing a professional and dedicated yacht broker company is correct.The beginning is also the only guarantee for the perfect yacht.

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