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About Yacht

When Charles II of England inherited the throne, the people presented a hunting boat named "YACHT", which became the source of today's yachts. Before that, the ships were made for practical use. Since the birth of YACHT, it has only begun. The pleasure of sailing, so Charles became the ancestor of the yacht. YACHT is used for leisure and sea play. Therefore, the yacht is a boat for leisure and play, including power boats and sailboats, which are generally privately owned.

1.Definition of yacht: A yacht is a ship that meets the yacht inspection specifications approved or approved by the Ministry of Communications. It is owned by citizens, legal persons or other organizations and engages in non-commercial sightseeing, leisure and entertainment activities, including self-propelled leasing. A yacht for entertaining activities.

2: Yacht classification

Classified by size as:

Small yachts, medium yachts, large yachts and superyachts

Less than 36 inches (10.5 meters) - small boats, small yachts

36 feet to 60 feet (between 10.5 meters and 18 meters) - medium yacht

More than 60 feet (18 meters or more) - mega-yacht

More than 30 meters can be called Super Yacht - super yacht

Classified by origin:

USA, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, China Yachts, etc.

Classified by power:
Power boat, sailing boat, unpowered boat.

Classified by function as:
Rowing, fishing boats, sport boats, leisure boats, business boats.

Classified by material as:Carbon fiber yacht.

FRP - most yachts made of steel - large, ocean-going luxury yachts - mostly for outboard hoisting boats - traditional classical type by hull shape: displacement (displacement) water-skiing (planning) semi-drainage /semi-displacement (semi-displacement, semi-planning)

Basic parameters of the yacht:
The captain and the length of the yacht are the most important parameters of the yacht, indicating that the size of the yacht is also a basis for yacht rental and berth charges.
The width of the boat is the maximum width of the yacht. In order to match the length of the yacht, the longer the yacht is, the larger the width is. It is considered as a yacht parking and can also indicate the space of the cabin.
Drinking water refers to the height of the water surface to the bottom of the yacht. It is an important yacht index in yacht navigation. The navigation plan is designed according to the size of the draught and the water depth of the channel.
The net weight, which is the weight of the yacht, reflects the manufacturing materials of the yacht, etc. It is also an important indicator for calculating the towing when the yacht is stranded.
The speed of the ship, the normal speed designed for the yacht, and the maximum speed refer to the speed that can be achieved by driving the horsepower. Generally, the sailing plan is calculated based on the speed, but cannot be calculated by the maximum speed.
The fuel capacity and the horsepower of the main engine determine the cruising capacity of the yacht, that is, the maximum sailing distance. Of course, considering the weather, water flow and other factors, other factors should be fully considered when planning the navigation.
Fresh water capacity, important materials for yachts, and water conservation are good habits for seafarers.
The main horsepower is an indicator of yacht power.

The number of people with limited load is the maximum load at the time of navigation approved by the yacht inspection agency and must be strictly observed.

Yacht use:
Many people have misunderstood that the yacht is sailing on the sea. In fact, different yachts are divided according to their functions and have different uses:
Business leisure yachts, usually after the yacht is out, find a suitable place, anchor or stop, you can play water, such as motor boats, small windsurfing, sailing and other water activities, conditions can also swim in the sea, or For leisure activities such as fishing, reading, sun drying, business customers are negotiating business in such an environment, and it is a rare place, not the only one in navigation.Speedboats, these speedboats are reflected in speed, which are loved by younger users. More is to sail at high speed and enjoy sports.
Fishing boats, from the yacht equipment, these users are basically fishing enthusiasts, of course, prefer to go fishing with a few friends with the same interests.

Sailing, on the one hand, can be used as leisure, but also often participate in sailing competitions, through the cooperation of the entire sailing team members, enjoy the process of the game, and not necessarily pursue the results.

The yacht can be used as a business leisure or as a sport, which can bring you the pleasure of marine life that cannot be experienced by the life on the shore.

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