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BMW X7 spare parts luxury 2+2+2/2+3+2 seat SUV

2019 new BMW X7 debut! The appearance is domineering, the interior is cool, the full-size luxury 7-seat SUV! The interior of the BMW X7 is very

 stylish, with a two-tone leather interior, Alcantara roof lining, and a glossy surface on the dashboard and center console. Wooden decoration.

The launch of this car complements BMW's disadvantages in the face of Mercedes-Benz GLs in this segment, enriching BMW's product line layout.

The noble, intelligent, safe and humanized BMW X7 intelligent electric pedal, the pedals of the driving door are sunk out, reducing the stride range, facilitating the elderly, children, and short skirt ladies to get on and off, meeting the diverse travel needs of BMW X7 owners. To avoid the embarrassment and accidents caused by the inconvenience of getting on and off, and to have both the passing and the comfort of getting on and off.

In terms of power, the BMW X7 is equipped with two turbocharged engines, the 4.4T and 3.0T. The engine is matched with the 8AT gearbox.

3.0L turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine (340 hp / 447 Nm), 3.0 L twin turbocharged inline six-cylinder diesel engine (400 hp / 760 Nm) and 3.0 L turbocharged inline six-cylinder diesel engine (265 hp / 620 Nm).

BMW X7 electric pedal use details:

1: When the door is opened, the pedal automatically sinks out, the height is lower, and the comfort is better.

2: When the door is closed, the pedal automatically retracts and closes to the vehicle chassis, which does not affect the original vehicle passability.

3: The door is locked and the door is locked. As the door is locked, the pedal is automatically retracted to ensure safe driving.

4: Any door is opened for a long time, the pedals are kept extended, and items can be arranged for a long time.

5: The car code is molded by high-strength aluminum alloy, integrated and easy to carry 250KG weight.

BMW X7 electric pedal anti-pinch function introduction:
1. Intelligently judge obstacles when the pedal is extended, and automatically recover when obstacles are encountered, preventing forced extension of the damaged pedal and body.
2. Intelligently detect obstacles when the pedal is retracted, and stop automatically when encountering obstacles to prevent accidental pinching or damage to the pedal due to obstacles.

BMW X7 electric pedal modification, the use is so convenient!

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